Do you wanna see your

fiance cut in half by a magician?

I can make that happen…

About me

Since the times I was just a little boy, I’ve been fascinated with the tricks that my grandfather pulled off to entertain me.

So the moment I asked him to teach me those tricks, my career path’s been sealed.

Now I am a world-famous magician, who gets around 250 event bookings every single year, entertaining thousands of people with my magic tricks!


When we are talking about any kind of a personal event, be it a private party, a bachelorette party, birthday or what not, it is never a bad idea to enhance the mood with a little bit of mystery & fun!

This is exactly what my magic shows are all about. With a range of magic tricks up my sleeve.

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          People Love My Magic Shows!

          Choosing a theme for this year’s New Year’s Party was a daunting feat.Eventually, I cannot be happier that I went with the magician, as his tricks made everyone feel entertained!

          Rickie Sandorum

          Chicago, IL

          When my boy Tommy was turning 11, I wanted his birthday party to be special. This why I listened to what my good old friend Katherine referred me to and booked this guy.

          Emily Watcher

          New York City, NY